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October 2020 - Mission, COVID-19 Mission & Ministry

To say this has been a unique year would seem to be an understatement. Many of our “normals” have unexpectedly shifted and we have felt the stresses and endured the struggles that have come with the Coronavirus. And through it all, we know God has been faithful! God provided us new ways to connect with each other and foster togetherness in our shifting environment. As a church family, we banded together under the assurance that God would see us through and open new opportunities for us that we’ve never experienced or thought of before. Click here or the button below to learn more about our mission, discipleship, and fellowship ministries that we're built and sustained through these challenging months! 

First Pres Features, October 2020 - COVID-19 Mission & Ministry

August 2020 - Historical Highlights, The Sanctuary

Though we can't currently gather in the Sanctuary, it's one of the most well-recognized spaces at First Pres Maumee. This week, we're delving into our Sanctuary's past with our Historical Highlights. You'll learn more about the construction of our Sanctuary, and how the church expanded in the 1960s. Click the button below to continue reading!

First Pres Features, August 2020 - Historical Highlights, The Sanctuary