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August 2020 - Historical Highlights, The Sanctuary

Though we can't currently gather in the Sanctuary, it's one of the most well-recognized spaces at First Pres Maumee. This week, we're delving into our Sanctuary's past with our Historical Highlights. You'll learn more about the construction of our Sanctuary, and how the church expanded in the 1960s. Click the button below to continue reading!

First Pres Features, August 2020 - Historical Highlights, The Sanctuary

October 2019 - Historical Highlights: The Historic Chapel

Do you know the history behind our historic chapel, and its significance in establishing much of what First Pres Maumee is today?

You'll get a glimpse at the past with this First Pres Feature: Historical Highlights, which delves into our chapel's past. You'll learn about some of our founding members, what our land used to be before it became First Pres Maumee, and how the chapel influences life at First Pres today. Click to watch the video below about our historic chapel!