Building Use

The facilities at First Pres Maumee exist for the purpose of fulfilling our mission of being the Church family engaging each person to enrich our community for God’s glory. We are grateful that God has blessed us with this beautiful space on the corner of Gibbs and Broadway to enhance the work and mission of the church through evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, and outreach.

Our campus is available to groups and members of First Pres Maumee to use the facilities as part of the ministry of the church. Additionally, the session and ministry teams of First Pres Maumee can sponsor activities of organizations or individuals not affiliated with this congregation, if the activities align and advance our values of love, service, education, fellowship, family support, and excellence in music. Such building use is subject to fees based on scope and type of activity to help defray the cost of utilities, staff, and custodial service.

The facilities are not available to partisan political groups, organizations whose activities are in conflict with the mission or doctrine of First Pres Maumee, or groups who operate solely for commercial or personal gain.

If you are wishing to use the facilities, contact Bill Woodruff, Community Life Coordinator at (419) 893-0223 ext. 104.