Job Opening

Communications Director

Position Summary:  The Communications Director leads the staff and ministry team leaders to provide communications strategies serving both the internal and external needs of the congregation in effective and compelling ways.

Direct Position Responsibilities: 

  • serve as the church webmaster to ensure that the website is always accurate and compelling.
  • manage social media pages for the church; implementing a strategic social media marketing strategy.
  • serve as editor of the weekly email newsletter as a primary internal communication tool for ministry promotion within the congregation.
  • produce formatting and narrative for the weekly bulletin.
  • lead the staff team to implement an effective tiered communication strategy.
  • Develop promotional materials for ministries of the church as necessary.
  • responsible for the communications budget and its strategic and appropriate use.
  • Develop and implement an external marketing strategy.

Relationships and Indirect Position Responsibilities:

  • works with the church staff to identify, develop, and promote “success stories” from within the people and ministries of the congregation.
  • works with the “community life coordinator” who is responsible for managing the calendar and verifying the accuracy of information related to the church activities.
  • manage a team of volunteers from the congregation who will assist in photography, videography, storytelling, design, etc.
  • manage a team of volunteers who will be responsible for bulletin boards and displays within the church.

Hours of Service

This is a part time position at 20 hours per week.  


This position reports to the Pastor, Head of Staff who will review performance annually.