Mission Spotlight

Two of our most important local mission partners, Mosaic Ministries of South Toledo and Maumee City Schools, have approached our congregation in the hopes that we might make a significant financial contribution.  The Session met with representatives of both organizations and has chosen to put the question before the congregation for consideration and an eventual vote.


Located in South Toledo, Mosaic Ministries provides meals, food distribution, education, prayer, counseling, and more to those in need, in order to create a stronger bond with The Lord. We want to consider working together as a congregation to provide $300,000 to Mosaic Ministries. To achieve this amount we propose matching two dollars from our endowment to every one dollar given from individuals within our congregation until we reach our total goal. Here is the Nov 28 Mosaic Meeting:

WGTE's "Rough Draft Diaries" Podcasts highlight some of the Mosaic Partners that were discussed:

Historic South Initiative
Baby U
SunBridge, Meet the Kids
SunBridge, Meet Steve (Board Chair)



The Panther Pride Foundation was founded to support academics, athletics, the arts and other activities that enhance the student experience at Maumee High School.  As a congregation, we want to consider directing the Session to allocate $10,000 per year from our operating budget over the next 10 years for a total gift of $100,000 to Maumee City Schools through the Panther Pride Foundation.  Here is the Dec. 5 Meeting:


We will conduct a congregational meeting, moderated by Pastor Clint, for the purpose of final consideration on the two proposed organizations requesting support.  The next Congregational Meeting date has yet to be decided- more details to follow at a later date.