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Responding to the Resurrection

May 19, 2019 | Clint Tolbert

A Matter of the Heart

John 21:15-17

Our response to the resurrection, the subject we have been considering since Easter, is a matter of the heart.  When we truly recognize the freedom that was won for us through Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, we will surrender our lives to Christ's loving authority as our heart changes! 

(Audio) “Christ is Made the Sure Foundation” arr. Lani Smith
(Video) "Give Me Jesus" by David Thomas LaChance, Fanny Jane Crosby

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important event in human history. The Resurrection sparked a movement, that has largely formed the western world as we know it today. Nations, governments, education, healthcare and even the calendar have all been transformed on the basis of the message that is punctuated by Jesus Christ, who was crucified, and raised from the dead! Because Jesus truly rose from the grave, the world would never be the same. How could it be?

Can the same be said of your life?

How has the Resurrection changed you?  How have you responded to the Easter message?

Though we live in a society that routinely recognizes the Easter holiday, many of us have hesitated to consider the true impact this event must have on our life.

Over the next four weeks, we will be considering our response to the risen Christ by looking at the accounts offered in the four gospels.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John -- each shades the question a little differently and calls us to honestly consider and respond to this event that has already changed the world.

Jesus changed history, but will He change you?