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Parables of Jesus

May 13, 2018 | Clint Tolbert

A Parable of Praise or Lament?

On May 20, we will celebrate Consecration Sunday once again. To "consecrate" something means to set it apart for a special or sacred purpose. Consecration Sunday helps us think about God's special call on our lives. It calls us to dedicate ourselves far beyond money and material things. However, it does use the topic of money to help us think about the rest of our life. So, this Sunday we will begin to think about our motivation to give as we look at one of the most misused passages of the Bible related to money; Mark 12:41-44, a story often referred to as the "Widow's Mite."

Music:  “How Shall We Sing”  by Stephen Tappe

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The stories that Jesus told often reveal the state of our heart.