Are You Out of Your Mind!?!


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Beautifully Broken: Our Story in Christ

Sep 22, 2019 | Clint Tolbert

Are You Out of Your Mind!?!

The mosaic art project we are piecing together as a community is full of symbols. These symbols tell our 200 year old story, but I hope they will help us do even more than that. If we understand them, these symbols can help us remember God's call on the Church as we continue to live out the story of our congregation. Considering the pioneer in the horse-drawn carriage, what might have compelled them to travel here? What motivates a person to give up home, family, profession, comfort, to settle in an unknown world? Let's look to the scripture and consider what followers of Jesus are compelled to do.

Music:  "How Can I Keep From Singing?" by Robert Lowry, arr. Donald Busarow; sung by our Chancel Choir

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Artwork has the ability to powerfully tell a story.  A picture can communicate a message in ways that words alone cannot.  For this reason, we are grateful for the opportunity our congregation has to celebrate our 200-year story through a community art project.

Not only does this glass mosaic art project enable us to commemorate our anniversary, it also provides the opportunity to celebrate something even greater.  A mosaic is made by redeeming broken pieces of glass or stone and putting them together to make something beautiful. Could there me a more perfect symbol for the Church?  The Church is a gathering of broken people, who have been redeemed by Jesus and brought together by the power of the Holy Spirit, to reflect the glory of God the Father. In this way, the art project not only gives us an opportunity to remember our 200 years together, but it also provides a moment to reconsider God's work in and through our lives.  As we are working on the project over the next few weeks, we will also be reflecting on the story of the gospel working in and through First Pres Maumee in a new sermon series entitled, "Beautifully Broken."