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Liturgy of the Ordinary

Mar 10, 2019 | Clint Tolbert

Baptism and Learning to be Beloved

What did you do first thing this morning when you awoke? Did you yawn and stretch? Did you greet the one lying next to you-- maybe your spouse or maybe the dog? Did you think about your day ahead and all you have to do? Whatever you did I bet it is something that you do nearly every day when you wake up. Often, people get so tied up in what they do, that becomes their identity. "I am..." fill in the blank. But, there is something else first we should all remember. It may even become our first thought as we wake up in the morning.

Series Information

Through the season of Lent we will begin a new sermon series inspired by the book, "The Liturgy of the Ordinary" which is based on the assumption that we are a ritualistic people. Intentionally or accidentally we develop rituals and habits that form who we are becoming as people.  Worship, of course, is an intentionally ritualistic practice meant to "form us as an alternative people marked by the love and new life of Jesus Christ." Each Sunday during Lent we will look into God's Word to better understand practices that should not only inform our time in worship each Sunday, but also the everyday moments of our life.