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Magnify: Reflect. Celebrate. Strengthen

Feb 04, 2018 | Clint Tolbert

Celebrating Change

Nehemiah 4:10-20

Change always seems to cause big problems, doesn't it!?! Things would be so much more simple if everything stayed the same. Maybe this is true....maybe....but we all know the reality is that very little stays the same. Change is a part of life and if we are going to live faithfully as Christ's Church, we have to become skilled at managing change. Thankfully, our recent TCI results indicate that this is an area we are are growing in! I look forward to celebrating this growth with you over the weekend as we trust God to help us continually develop.

Music:  "We Thank You, Lord" arr. Lloyd Larson, words by Susan H. Peterson

Series Information

Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that celebration is important--it renews and strengthens us for continued service.  Over the last four years our church has chosen to be transformed.  As we learn about the story of Nehemiah, we will reflect on the work that God has done through the people of First Pres Maumee.