Celebration Strengthens

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Jan 07, 2018 | Clint Tolbert

Celebration Strengthens

How do you feel going into 2018? Maybe you are considering New Year's resolutions for ways you haven't done as well as you would hope and resolve to do better, but like many who face the new year are feeling totally drained and exhausted. How will you find the strength to carry on? Just as we transition into a new year, our church is going through a transition in how we fulfill our mission. And in the next few weeks we are taking the time to reflect, recognize and celebrate ways in which God is at work, and through the joy of the Lord find strength. The book of Nehemiah will guide us as we learn to find strength as a church and as individuals with our own personal struggles.

Music: "Offertory" by John Ness Beck

Series Information

Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that celebration is important--it renews and strengthens us for continued service.  Over the last four years our church has chosen to be transformed.  As we learn about the story of Nehemiah, we will reflect on the work that God has done through the people of First Pres Maumee.