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Living with a Curious Hope

Jan 06, 2019 | Clint Tolbert

Choosing the Right Seat

1 Peter 5:1-7

This Sunday we are returning to the sermon series "Living with a Curious Hope" based on the book of 1 Peter. In the letter the Apostle Peter is writing to the Church, encouraging them to live with hope in the gospel -- such a hope that others might see it and be curious. In chapter five we learn more about what that life is like for Elders leading the church and everyone living in humility, glorifying God. In life, which seat do you choose?

Music: "Blest Are the Pure In Heart" by David Barton


Series Information

"Living with a Curious Hope" is a new series studying the book of 1 Peter.  Within the book you'll find a command that is based on a certain presumption -- that we are living such hopeful lives, even during hard times, that those who witness it will ask where our hope comes from.  It's a presumption that challenges me.  I wonder if it challenges you too?  Do you have people asking about your faith?

We will also be challenged to understand at a deeper level than the quick "sound bite" lesson.  There are passages here that could easily be taken out of context and misused.  Passages about suffering, beauty, and a faith that is visible.  Even curious.  There is more here in 1 Peter that we will explore together.