God Speaks to Elijah


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God’s Call

Nov 07, 2021 | Jason Armstrong

God Speaks to Elijah

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Elijah had just witnessed Yahweh proving he is God against the prophets of Baal in a fiery display on Mount Carmel. Now, with the prophets of Baal dead, Jezebel threatens Elijah’s life. In fear and with shaken faith, he flees to Beersheba where he asks God to kill him in his exhaustion and disappointment. God rejuvenates Elijah and sends him to Mt. Horeb where Elijah encounters God in a gentle whisper. God sends Elijah on a new mission to anoint Kings and a new prophet, Elisha, while informing Elijah that he is not alone in his faith. Seven thousand in Israel are Yahweh’s and have not bent a knee to Baal.

Series Information

God continues to invite unlikely people to be great leaders and pillars of the faith. These imperfect leaders answer God’s call, allowing God to work through them in remarkable ways, even as their faults are sometimes evident. God’s presence serves as a constant source of strength and peace which equips them to serve.