Guests of the Kingdom


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Tracing Our Story in God’s Story

Mar 12, 2023 | Jason Armstrong

Guests of the Kingdom

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The king sent his servants to summon those he invited to the wedding banquet for his son. They refused to come. They killed the king's servants. The king was enraged and destroyed the murderers and their city. The wedding banquet remained ready so the king had his servants invite all the other people they could find. The people came but one man who came was not wearing wedding clothes. The king had him thrown outside into the darkness, then declared “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

Series Information

We're on a journey through the scripture, tracing God’s story from the beginning to our present moment, following a reading schedule called the Narrative Lectionary.  Tracing the story of God will help us recognize that God has an intention that can be seen throughout human history and within our own lives. It will help us begin to acknowledge the grandeur of God and his eternal purposes. Most importantly, it lifts up Jesus Christ who is the hero of the story and the one upon whom history turns.