Hope for the Future


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God's Presence Brings Life

Nov 28, 2021 | Clint Tolbert

Hope for the Future

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Like those to whom Jeremiah wrote, it is helpful to view the practice of our faith in “post-Christian” America like that of the exiles. Instead of pining for what was, let us trust God’s promise to return and rescue we who trust in his name.

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God’s everlasting promise to be in relationship with the Israelites and all creation allows hope to take root in even the most hopeless circumstances. God continues to provide and be faithful, bringing life where there was once death, like dry bones being gathered back to life. As texts move into the New Testament in this Advent season, hope is ultimately embodied in human form as God will go to any length to show love, even becoming flesh and dwelling with us. God’s presence is found among us in the humble form of a child in Jesus, the one who brings true life to all.