How Do We Go When We Have to Stay?


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Apr 05, 2020 | Clint Tolbert

How Do We Go When We Have to Stay?

Preachers like to say, "The power of the Church is found, not when we gather, but as we are scattered!"  It is a phrase that recognizes the reality of church history.  The Church has always thrived in those seasons when it faced great challenge; when followers of Christ were persecuted or required to face threats that drove them apart.
We are certainly facing a challenge in our day.  How can we continue to be the Church, when we are not able to gather and share the life that has defined us for decades?  Many of us have expressed the truth that the Church was never the building, but the people of God.  However, our ability to gather in the building, or any other place, has been critical to our understanding of who we are.  
How can we continue to be the Church when we are confined in our homes?  How can we continue to accomplish the mission God has given us in this day?  How should we faithfully "go" when we are required to "stay?"  This is what we will consider together in worship this weekend.

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The season of Lent calls us to make a journey together.  Over these six weeks, we are encouraged to deeply consider the gift of eternal life that is available to us in Jesus Christ.  As we consider the love, dedication, sacrifice, and triumph of Jesus, we may recognize anew the call to grow in these attributes ourselves, walking with Him.  The key to experience a renewed faith in this way is to share the journey with others.