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Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Apr 15, 2018 | Jason Armstrong

It's Not About You

Matthew 6:9

In our modern culture, it is easy to slip into the individualistic mind frame which fools us into believing life is first and foremost about you. We must be careful about allowing these individualistic messages to influence our theology because they may disrupt the proper balance between intimacy with God and reverence for God. If the proper balance between intimacy with God and reverence for God is not maintained, it will show up in numerous ways, including how we pray. Fortunately, we have God’s Word to guide us in how we should approach prayer in a balanced way. In the opening verse of the Lord’s Prayer (Matt. 6:9), Jesus gives instruction regarding how to keep the proper balance between intimacy and reverence in prayer; by first honoring God’s holiness. This Sunday we continue our sermon series on prayer and consider how prayer is shaped when we put God’s holiness above all else.

Music:  “The Meditations of My Heart” by Elaine Hagenberg

Series Information

We are starting a new sermon series that is all about prayer. What are the obstacles that keep us from praying as Jesus does? What does it look like for us to approach God as children? God is inviting us to inhabit a space of dependence, messiness, and freedom from guile and fear as we lift up our hearts to the Lord in prayer. In this season of Easter, let us be bold as we pray to the One whom Jesus called abba, to the One who had the power and love to raise Jesus from the dead!