Paul & Silas


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Living in Faith & Hope

May 08, 2022 | Clint Tolbert

Paul & Silas

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Unjustly imprisoned because of their faith, Paul and Silas embody a freedom in spirit that is much more important than freedom won by escape from captivity. This witness of faith through prayer and song leads many to believe. What song do you sing when your spirit is held captive?

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On Easter morning, Jesus calls Mary by name, and the good news of Jesus’ resurrection begins to spread. As more and more see the risen Messiah, their doubt changes to belief and the story of Easter is shared, that all might believe this good news. Through the faithful service of disciples, those who are least likely, like Saul and the jailer, also come to believe in the hope of Jesus.

The early church continues to proclaim the gospel, inviting others into the life of discipleship. These church leaders learn to live in hope, trusting that God’s grace is sufficient even in trials. They continue to rejoice in God’s goodness and love in all situations as they are equipped to serve in Jesus’ name. As they answer God’s call to be the church, the gifts of God’s grace are ever present