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Nov 12, 2017 | Clint Tolbert

Power of Love

The use of personal power is a critical component of understanding hesed; God’s love for us and God’s call to love others. We do not need to look past the week’s headlines to see personal power being used to exploit and take advantage of the vulnerable. Even as we rightly judge the extremely powerful, do we have the courage to look at our own personal power and ask if we use it to practice hesed; God’s love? That’s what we’ll be doing this Sunday as we are introduced to Boaz a powerful man in Ruth chapter 2.

Reading: Ruth 2 (NIV)

Music:  So Let Us Sing of Greater Things (Majora Canamus), Words by Susan Bentall Boersma, Music by David Lantz III


Series Information

We've been contemplating the concept of love this fall.  We've considered keys to a reconciling love, we celebrated the love of God's Word that led to the Reformation 500 years ago, and in the month of November, we will be seeking to know the love of God as it is expressed in a critically important Old Testament word-- the word "hesed".  As followers of Jesus, we are called to love as God loves.  The best word to help us understand what this means is the word hesed.  With the exception of Jesus himself, there is no better person in all the Bible to demonstrate the power of this word than Ruth, a woman of tremendous faith. Her story is told in the Old Testament.