Prayer: Friendship Not Formula


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Keys to a Relationship with God

Jan 05, 2020 | Clint Tolbert

Prayer: Friendship Not Formula

We do not primarily pray in order to get God to do something. Instead, the primary purpose of prayer is to grow our relationship with God. A growing prayer life is key to a vibrant personal relationship with Him. His invitation to prayer is an invitation to an ever deepening, authentic, and loving relationship.

Music:  "The Lord's My Shepherd" arr. by Lloyd Larson, sung by our Chancel Choir


Series Information

In the new year individuals and families frequently take inventory of their life and resolve to improve in some area of weakness.  In Pastor Clint’s opinion, “prayer” is an area of weakness in the First Pres Maumee family.  Though we would all claim to value prayer, rarely is prayer the first response of our congregation (or its pastor) in any critical moment or opportunity for decision.  This is a cue that we do not adequately understand or value this gift that God extends to his people.  Therefore, we will take 7 Sundays in the first months of the year to study God’s Word about prayer.

As you are thinking about making new starts for the new year, consider your relationship with God.  Join us each Sunday as we learn about prayer from God's Word and pray as you may never have before.