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How Can I Keep From Singing?

Dec 09, 2018 | Clint Tolbert

Singing without a Voice

Luke 1:67-80

Have you ever found it a challenge to sing during the Advent season? Maybe you remember a time that you tried to join in the Christmas chorus, but it was as if something was holding your tongue. You just couldn't sing! Maybe that's how you are feeling this Christmas season because of a recent loss, or an ever present worry, or for some reason you can't even identify. This year or not, all of us go through seasons likes this and its especially hard when it comes at Christmas.

Zechariah had a similar experience just before the very first Christmas. God held his tongue as he waited for the birth of the Messiah. As we look at the song that eventually burst forth from Zechariah's lips, (Luke 1:67-80) I pray that you will be encouraged even in those moments you can't seem to lift your voice.

Music:  "Gaudete! (O, Rejoice!)" Arr. Sheldon Curry, Hillary Labonte, soloist

Series Information

During this Advent season in a sermon series entitled, "How Can I Keep From Singing" we'll spend time reflecting on the songs within the scripture that accompany our Savior's birth. My hope is that these biblical songs will not only inform the songs we sing, but the spirit we bring to this special time of year.