The Priority of Love


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Love First

Feb 03, 2019 | Clint Tolbert

The Priority of Love

The events of history give us a unique lens with which to view our own life. As we consider the challenges that faced those who have gone before, we can gain insight about what it means to live well, today. This Sunday we'll consider briefly how the church responded to a cholera epidemic that occurred in 1854. Can you imagine what it would be like today if, over the period of one month, ten percent of the Maumee population died of a mysterious disease? Certainly there would be fear and panic running rampant in our community just as there was in 1854. How would we, the church, respond? Would we be caught up in the frenzy? Would we serve with faithful courage? Would we withdraw and protect ourselves? Would we step out with sacrificial love? As we continue to consider what it means to "Love First" this scene from our church's past will challenge and inspire!

Music: “I Will Lift up Mine Eyes” by Leo Sowerby; Chancel Choir with Julia Gries, soloist

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I hope you will agree that "Love First" is a helpful way to express who we are called to be, but have you given much thought to what it means to "Love First" lately? Surely it means something significantly different than being an affectionate church!    

Over the next two weeks we are going to return to the fundamentals as we return to God's Word. We will reconsider what it means to love and what it looks like to make love our priority in this world.