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Nov 19, 2017 | Emily Mitchell

There is a Redeemer

Ruth 3

Risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure—these are the ingredients for vulnerability. These are also the ingredients for courage. Courage is not possible without vulnerability. In Ruth chapter 3, Ruth—someone who is already vulnerable for being poor, female, widowed, and a foreigner—makes herself even more vulnerable by going to the threshing floor and proposing marriage to Boaz. In so doing, she shows enormous courage. Ruth was open to losing things she valued (status, image) in pursuit of securing a hope and a future for her mother-in-law. What courage; what loving-kindness! May we open ourselves to righteous risk-taking and vulnerability so that more and more people may experience flourishing in the Kingdom of God.

Series Information

We've been contemplating the concept of love this fall.  We've considered keys to a reconciling love, we celebrated the love of God's Word that led to the Reformation 500 years ago, and in the month of November, we will be seeking to know the love of God as it is expressed in a critically important Old Testament word-- the word "hesed".  As followers of Jesus, we are called to love as God loves.  The best word to help us understand what this means is the word hesed.  With the exception of Jesus himself, there is no better person in all the Bible to demonstrate the power of this word than Ruth, a woman of tremendous faith. Her story is told in the Old Testament.