Was Blind But Now I See


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Eternity is Now in Session

Mar 08, 2020 | Clint Tolbert

Was Blind But Now I See

In the text we'll be considering on Sunday, Jesus is referred to as the light that exposes everything about the world in which we live. As Christ's light dawns, the call on our lives is to wake up, that we may enjoy His presence and all the possibilities that abound in each new day as a result. The effect of the sun will mean very little if we do not open our eyes to see. Surely, this is what the author of "Amazing Grace" was thinking as he penned the sentence, "I was blind, but now I see."

Music:  “Panis Angelicus” by Franck, Performed by the BGSU Trombone Choir, under the direction of Brittany Lasch


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The season of Lent calls us to make a journey together.  Over these six weeks, we are encouraged to deeply consider the gift of eternal life that is available to us in Jesus Christ.  As we consider the love, dedication, sacrifice, and triumph of Jesus, we may recognize anew the call to grow in these attributes ourselves, walking with Him.  The key to experience a renewed faith in this way is to share the journey with others.