Where Are You?


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Rhythms of Anticipation

Dec 01, 2019 | Jason Armstrong

Where Are You?

When we walk in step with God during Advent, we will be living in a different rhythm than our consumer culture dictates. Advent is a season of remembering and anticipation. We put aside our own desires, our own pride, to follow him and walk at God's rhythm and pace rather than our own.

Music:  "I Sing of a Maiden" by Christopher Maxim, sung by our Chancel Choir, Wayne Whitten, Director

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We all adopt a rhythm leading up to Christmas whether we realize it or not. It will either be the rhythm of the world that is based on our consumer culture, or we might adopt a different rhythm.

Advent in the life of the Church is a call to adopt a different pattern from the world. This intentional rhythm is, at least a first, a choice of the mind. We mentally choose to adopt patterns and practices that will lead us to our goal. Some of these practices will include waiting, rest, and silence even as the world around us becomes more impatient, weary, and loud! It is this calming rhythm that will enable us to recognize Jesus anew as we worship on Christmas Eve.