Who Gathers?


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Jun 19, 2022 | Jason Armstrong

Who Gathers?

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A sinner who repents and trusts in Christ is not only born again as an individual but they are now born into a new family. They are now part of the family of God connected by the Holy Spirit to God and to one another. The family assembles as citizens of a holy nation to worship God and to affirm one another. The gathering is the local church, which is an outpost of the kingdom of heaven, a holy temple, and the body of Christ. When we gather as a family in corporate worship, it is a feast which Christ himself hosts.

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What is it we are doing when we gather for worship -- who should gather and how should we be together? The ancient word Ekklesia is defined as “a called-out assembly or congregation.” This Summer we will explore the scripture to learn more about that word and what God desires for us when we come together in the church.