Whose Voice Will You Listen To?


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The Path: Finding the Way of Wisdom

Jun 23, 2019 | Tom Fraser

Whose Voice Will You Listen To?

If you long to go deeper with God than you’ve ever gone before, Proverbs 2 is for you. If you desire to move past a surface level of faith, this passage is for you. If you long for a better future, God is opening a door for you today right here in Proverbs 2!

The passage explains how we approach God, how we can enter into newness of life, how our hearts can be revived. And God is inviting us there. That’s what God wants for each of us!

Music:  "How Great Thou Art" a traditional hymn; Katherine Lonsbrough, soloist


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Every day is filled with a series of choices.  Do we choose the path of wisdom or the path of folly?  In these often perplexing moments, we welcome the voice of trusted counselors; we heed the advise of a close friend; we seek out a favorite newspaper column or opinion blog. 

In a similar spirit some have turned to the biblical book of Proverbs. Truly, this portion of God's Word does offer godly wisdom in a succinct, engaging manner.  However, the book of Proverbs is much more than an ancient advise column!  This book of the Bible helps us recognize that wisdom is both a path to be chosen and a person to be embraced .