Our church has a long and meaningful history. Although we know some specific dates like when the charter was formed, when buildings were built and when pastors were called, we humbly acknowledge that the real work of our church is in the changing of people's lives in Christ.

We give God thanks for the cherished saints of our past who had the vision to carry on in God’s name when it was difficult to do so and the cherished saints of our present who trust that God will continue to be faithful in the future.

Here's a brief history of First Pres Maumee:

  • 1820 - 11 charter members organized the First Presbyterian Church of Maumee. Without a regular pastor, worship services were held in members’ homes or the schoolhouse.
  • 1837 - A small frame church was constructed for the 27 members and growing
  • 1914 - With World War I, membership dwindled, young men went to war, the pastor resigned to become a Navy chaplain and support was required from the Presbytery
  • 1920 - Under a new minister’s leadership, the choir flourished, the building was refurbished/enlarged and membership grew
  • 1945 - After World War II, church membership grew alongside the Maumee population
  • 1950 - An adjacent house was acquired for Sunday School classrooms and a meeting room
  • 1957 - An assistant pastor was appointed for the first time
  • 1958 - The first two women were elected to Session
  • 1960 - Property was acquired for the new sanctuary to be built as church membership approached 1,000
  • 1969 - The new sanctuary and organ were dedicated; extensive renovations to the chapel and the creation of the Canfield Room were possible through a gift
  • 2003 - Capital campaign funds refurbished Fellowship Hall, renovated Sunday School classrooms and launched a contemporary worship service called “The Edge”
  • 2012 - A capital campaign facilitated a major renovation of the church entry, offices, and classrooms in order to better fulfill our ministries by fostering relationships and making disciples of Jesus among all generations

First Pres Maumee continues to seek to serve the church and community. It is the church’s intention to honor its long history by pursuing our goal of being the church family, engaging people, enriching the community, and glorifying God through Jesus.