Winter Weather

By Snow Advisory Levels

LEVEL 1 - Snow Advisory

“…due to conditions caused by ice, blowing and drifting snow, which can make county roadways hazardous. Residents should drive cautiously.”

WEEKDAYS: Church Office is open. Scheduled meetings and activities will proceed as normal unless notified.

SUNDAYS: Worship will proceed as scheduled.

LEVEL 2 - Snow Advisory

“…Only persons with a real and important need to be out on roads and streets should do so.”

WEEKDAYS: The Church Office is open. Staff will communicate with the Pastor/Head of Staff to determine if it is safe to travel to/from work. Meetings will continue unless communicated otherwise by meeting chair. Cancellation of larger events will be announced on social media, email, and text message.

SUNDAYS: Worship Services are on unless it is determined by the Pastor/Head of Staff that it is unsafe to travel. Cancellation of worship services will be on social media, email, text, and local TV.

LEVEL 3 - Snow Emergency

“…Travel on these roadways is limited to emergency and essential personnel only. No one should be on these roadways during the duration of this Snow Emergency unless absolutely necessary.”

Church Office is closed. All classes and services are cancelled.